French pioneer experimental rock band formed in the early 90's by Lionel Fernandez, Erik Minkkinen and Nicolas Mazet, SISTER IODINE is a rare band who with "Blame" is releasing only now their 5th studio album.
Originally born on the ashes of no wave, their music searches through some sort of terminal confusion between rock and chaos; colliding to original raw and atonal no wave, their primitive love of noise music, eruptions and assaults coming from free music; tapes collage, a bitter moisture humected in industrial music, and maybe even poisonous climaxes taken from black metal influences...

The band has released on (r.i.p) Zeitgeist, Textile Records, Premier Sang and Editions Mego.

Their latest album "Flame Desastre" (released on Premier Sang - lp + Editions Mego - cd version w/ extra-tracks) was released in 2009.

In 2011 Sister Iodine released a deafening live record from a tour in Japan, fruit of a brutal collaboration with Violent Onsen Geisha & Hair Stylistics leader Masaya Nakahara mastered by Denis Blackham:
SISTER IODINE + Masaya Nakahara - Meth : live in Tokyo.

Press about Blame

The sound of the city that has invaded every synapse of your brain, Sister Iodine are scraping through your skull. The gasoline goo that oozes from your broken ribs, Sister iodine are sucking on the bitter black blood drips. The pestilent vacuum of your lungs, the dirty little nostril hair, the burnt larynx penetrated by the rusty screams of Sister Iodine. As you walk on the white asphalt of the underpath, the ceramic tiles crackle and break, the oscillator echoes your last foot steps. Your hands melt the snow as it falls from above, Sister Iodine gnaw at every fiber of your cement carcass. Protoplasmic blast and insect bite, BLAME is on you.

Guy Mercier / Le R*ck est m*rt

"Sister Iodine's new album is their most beautiful and their most terrific...
Sister iodine's reason to be is one of an intense absolutist quest, almost mystical of Beauty, although Lionel Fernandez, Erik Minkkinen and Nicolas Mazet have never clearly formulated the idea, claiming their immoderate love for chaos and destruction..
Punctually of a savagery and an insanity able to humiliate 99% of the black TRVE bullshit said on the planet (except that i think it might also be one of their references - Beherit - ), Blame breaks another weigh point of violence, precision and abjection; each sound is polished in it's detail and demesure, each guitar riff is heavier than an aircraft carrier, each scream drills higher than any body, no heart would be able to tolerate it. This record is infinitely human and infinitely cruel, artwork of three lost for good souls, who have only found absolution through perdition. Like few records, Blame is a hideous terrible and absolutely sublime, without doubt the best one finished by Sister Iodine, probably the most intense record that you could listen to this year… "

Olivier Lamm / The Drone

"The beauty of noise reveals itself here in it's most singular chaotic dimension : as an abstract mass , irradiating , incandescing with an almost touchable texture , sculpted in contortions of two guitars full up to the neck with electronic effects and diverse saturations. Sister roots out of this wall of sound a residual liquid solution , chopping up rock and roll to only leave it's still steaming carcass. Music as armed struggle . Ever more free , ever harder. L'avant garde dies but does not surrender. Sister Iodine has cleared a new continent : it is called Antagonie."

Julien Becourt / New Noise

"Furious as their first day of wrath, these wild children of the New York no-wave propel Blame ,their new album, ecstatic stridency in atomic silences, akin to a long and pleasurable shock: the scathing (bloody?) manifest a hardliner noise band."

Les Inrockuptibles

"Unquestionably the music the characters of novels of Thomas Bernhard listen to when preparing to kill their wives" Vice "Sister Iodine distill fire and metal in this fifth studio album. A such powerfull sound that it saturates it's own amplification , a strength that tells the tale of 35 years of noise and fury - if we take No New York on Antilles Records in 1978 as a start point - under conduction of Lionel Fernandez , Erik Minkkinen and Nicolas Mazet "

Metamkine catalogue

"A quite rare experience of such a devotion to noise. It has been a while that those three are building the wall of noise , and they prove it here again through 10 distinctive tracks , cut in the mass there almost live right in front of you. A great record"

Revue & Corrigée

"An incandescent nugget of rebellious free-rock."

Laurent Catala / Mouvement

#023 - Sister Iodine, 2014,


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