Philippe Munda was first a photographer for fashion abd advertising. Notably for the Studio Edelkoort, Vogue living, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal (WSJ) , Dwell and Citizen K. He made the images of the artist Pierre Joseph's work "personnages a réactiver" (characters to be reactivated) on CCC Tours exhibition Little Democraty in 1996. He then collaborated with Gisèle Vienne, Noriko Sunayama, Joel Hubaut, Modern Narrator. In 2005 he stopped commercial photography to dedicate himself to his art. First resident and then administrator of the "Générale en Manufacture" (Sèvres), he lives today in Marseille where he has created the "Salon du Salon", an art centre with links to publishing.

Margot Montigny 2014.

Images made by accumulation of signs could define Munda's photography's work. His work is around photography, including collages, sculpture and art collaborations. To grip his atmosphere and capture the essence of his work, one must consider an ongoing process that is in perpetual evolution. The hidden is as important as the evidence, the minor details grows and creates a raw but sophisticated poetical writing where is presence and personal outlook is transposed in the discrete and obvious elements of our surroundings. The tittles of his exhibitions, « One plus One Accumulation » and his series of photos, « An infinite view of a new horizon » reveal a significant deal of Munda's process of work. Being a permanent resident, it is his surroundings that change around him and make the subject. His sensibility takes the opportunity to focus on what the world offers him and he ceases the moment to reappropriate the boundaries of fashion, portraits, landscapes, dance and art. He could be considered as an exhibitionist as well as someone discrete and secret. He sets himself in the role of the operator and the actor. He plays with what man can see and what is hidden, what is lost and what appears, the wide and short exposures.

Collective text with translation interprétation (AB)

#022 - The Wave


Edition Salon du Salon

Photographie d'écran argentique d'après film vidéo, numérisée, tirée sur papier affiche dos bleu / Analogic photography from a video film, printed on blue back paper.poster.
Papier / Paper 99 x 83 cm
Image 91 x 60 cm

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