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2019 | 21 X 6,5 X 6 CM | 3D PRINTING

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Exhibition from May 19 - July 6 2019 | Opening Sunday Jun 2nd at 12PM
Open from thursday may 30 to sunday jun 2nd from 12 to 6PM as part of Printemps de l’Art Contemporain

The protocol for the production of the works presented at Salon du Salon is simple. There is a certain nonchalance, few gestures. These gestures directly question how a work is produced. The stages of development of these works are predefined: visitingmuseums, taking photographs, opening them on a computer, copying, pasting, adjusting, moving and recording. The same protocol is applied to sculptures: looking for models of works of art, downloading them, opening them on a computer, copying, pasting, adjusting, moving and recording. The finalized digital document is then sent via the internet for printing. Once received, its elements are arranged and displayed. My task is to keep the machine running, to test my method, to extend it and to accept the hazards of improvisation, chaos and surprise. The forms produced resemble what Tristan Garcia calls an ontological plane of equality.

« We live in this world of things, where a cutting of acacia, a gene, a computer-generated image, a transplantable hand, a musical sample, a trademarked name, or a sexual service are comparable things. »
Tristan Garcia, Form and Object. A Treatise on Things, 2014

In addition to this drift in the museum rooms, there is a drift on the many websites that offer models, files of digitised works. This monstrous, distorted approach represents both a way of proceeding and the image of a principle of equality. Everything is reduced to a relation to forms, remains elusive. It is difficult to establish substantive relations between these forms, but there is something that connects them. A certain desire, a willingness, a need projected in the use or contemplation of the object, the gesture, the icon. These works and these attitudes embody the same joyful and inoperative melancholy in the world. Beyond the meaning that can be extracted from it, this process questions copying, documentation and capture. Understanding, creating, citing, using, deforming, destroying: copying and pasting: acting, drifting too.
This set of works takes a precise and critical look at what computing is changing in our way of thinking and understanding the world. It is a question of experimenting with a whole system of possible operations carried out with an unfailing form of love for things, gestures and beings.
MS, translation: Christophe Degoutin
Qu’il est bonde se réveiller le matintout seulet de se dire de l’artque vous l’aimezque vous l’aimez plus que toutau monde.
Freely inspired by: Love Poem by Richard Brautigan

Michaël Sellam was born in Paris in 1975. He lives and works in Paris.Since the end of the years 90, the practice of Michaël Sellam develops on a wide range of mediums including video, photography, installation, performance, drawing, painting and sculpture by injecting, contaminating in these classical practices a form of amplification and enhancement of a certain fantasy for new digital technologies. He is interested in the methods of production, distribution, communication and evaluation of art in relation to technique and poses a reflection, both critical and enthusiastic about the tumults of the cultural industry. His work is regularly exhibited in the context of personal and collective exhibitions in France and abroad.www.michaelsellam.com

SALON DU SALON 21 avenue du Prado, 13006 Marseille, FrancePublic visits from thursday to saturday 3 to 6 pm and appointments
Salon du Salon is a Marseille-based project dedicated to contemporary art and publishing, member of Marseille Expos galleries and contemporary art places network.

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︎A Multiple or Multiple Artwork refers to an artistic work.
It consists of a number of objects produced in series and is designated by the artist as a multiple.
︎Some of the works presented are unique because of their handmade nature, but considered as Multiples because they are part of a series.

︎Un Multiple ou Œuvre Multiple fait référence à une œuvre artistique. Se sont des objets fabriqués en série et désignée par l'artiste comme multiple.
︎Certaines des œuvres présentées sont uniques de part leur fabrication à la main, mais considérés comme des Multiples car faisant partie d'une série.