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Sonic reprise, visual combination and other haunting overflow

Book + Audio tape 
Illustrations, photos and photograms: Vincent Epplay
Graphic design: The Bells Angels (Julien Sirjacq & Simon Bernheim)
Text authors: Philippe Baudoin, Vincent Epplay and Philippe Langlois Compositions & mixes: Vincent Epplay - Audio tape mastering: David Fenech
Co-edition Salon du Salon / Riam / Viplayland and Co : 2015



"From the depths of the ether, this book-cassette is a double object that aims to reveal ghostly images and to make people hear again the voices and sounds taken from the limbo of the mass-media flow.

This publication with the evocative title Unhollycopy, a sonic reworking, a visual combination and another haunting overflow, is a kind of book-tool in the same way as the language method manuals and other encyclopaedias of the Marabout Flash, whose use remains unclear and is left to the free interpretation of the reader/listener.

This book-cassette is a proposal to enter into a dimension of recomposition and reactivation of a set of materials, where images, texts and sounds play the score of a mutation through the game of reappropriation, resumption and transformation of a not always identified reality.

This first publication is an invitation to see and hear, an "art of making ghosts appear".

A seer's book like you have never read before!A grimoire of the community of the invisible.An exclusive from the constellation of the audibles."

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Vincent Epplay

Vincent Epplay

Vincent Epplay is a visual artist/musician who has been developing experimental work since the early 90s. from a practice that is inseparable from the visual arts and music. Using installed devices that question the relationship between sound and image, his work proposes listening situations of sound and visual amplification through the creation of routes or immersive spaces. The notion of use and the involvement of the spectators/listeners are the preoccupations that we find in his projects. Vincent Epplay also performs in concert, solo or in collaboration with other artists; he is regularly invited to produce soundtracks for other artists or film scores, he has released about ten albums for different labels and continues to archive records without music, 8mm films of method and pedagogical teaching and recordings or paper documents without proven authorship.
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Vincent Epplay

Plasticien/musicien, Vincent Epplay élabore depuis le début des années 90 un travail d’expérimentation
à partir d’une pratique indissociée des arts visuels et de la musique. À partir de dispositifs installés qui interrogent les rapports sons/images, son travail propose des situations d’écoute d’amplification sonore et visuelles à travers la réalisation de parcours ou d’espaces d’immersions. La notion d’usage et d’implication des spectateurs/auditeurs sont les préoccupations que l’on retrouve dans ses projets. Vincent Epplay se produit également en concert, en solo ou en collaboration avec d’autres artistes ; il est régulièrement invité à produire des bandes son pour d’autre artistes ou des musiques de films, il a édité une dizaine d’albums pour différents labels et continue à archiver des disques sans musique, des films 8mm de méthode et d’enseignement pédagogique et des enregistrements ou documents papiers sans qualités d’auteurs avérés.